Tip of the week

How can we protect ourselves from spam?

  •   Maintain at least two email addresses. Use your private address only for personal correspondence, and another address for registering on public forums, in chat rooms, to subscribe to mailing lists etc.
  • Never respond to spam. Most spammers verify receipt and log responses. The more you respond, the more spam you will receive.
  • Do not click on ‘unsubscribe’ links in emails from questionable sources. Spammers send fake unsubscribe letters in an attempt to collect active email addresses. If you click ‘unsubscribe’ in one of these letters, it will simply increase the amount of spam you receive.
  • Never publish your private address on publicly accessible resources.
  • If you must publish your private address electronically, mask it to avoid having it picked up by spammers. ‘Joe.Smith@example.org’ is easy to find, as is ‘J.Smith@example.org’. Try writing ‘Joe-dot-Smith-at-example.com’ instead. If you need to publish your private address on a website, do this as a graphics file rather than as a link.