Free RoboForm Everywhere ($19.95 value)! giveaway

RoboForm Everywhere is the award winning password manager that makes the process effortless by automatically saving and entering your usernames and passwords. Simply click to login — as easy as using a browser bookmark. With RoboForm Everywhere you’ll never need to remember or type your passwords again! download from


Avg Internet security 2014 for 1 year giveaway

AVG Internet Security is one of the most feature-rich security suites you can find. It protects you from all sort of dangers and threats any time you go online.Once AVG Internet Security is finally installed in your system, and after the usual system restart, you’re presented with an easy, clear interface, with icons that take you to the program’s functions. Some of the tools included in AVG Internet Security are an antivirus, an antispyware, scanners for links and email (including an anti-spam tool), two special security shields (Online for web activity and Resident for local active processes), an anti-rootkit app and a special tool to protect your identity online.AVG Internet Security includes also an extensive configuration menu so that you can easily adapt the program to your needs. It may take a while, but it’s worth the effort.

download it from here : for 32 bit download from here for 64 bit download from here

Steganos Online Shield 365 Licence 6months giveaway

Steganos Online Shield 365 Licence 6months giveaway

Steganos Online Shield 365 Key Features:

Protects you while surfing, shopping online and secures your personal data by continuously encrypting from your PC onwards
Protect your true IP-address so that you can surf privately and your privacy sphere remains untouche
Protect yourself against snoops in public hotspots, for example while being in a hotel, a cafe, anairports or at the office.Wether you’re online wireles or by cable
Unlimited backup data traffic without artificial speed reduction
Bypass censorship projects and call blocking on unharmed sites in your country
Fast and secure external server in Germany, Britain, France, the U.S. and Switzerland

Steganos Online Shield 365 Free 6 Months Full Version Serial Number

Steganos Online Shield free version offers 500 MB data traffic per month, plenty for browsing the web. For unlimited data traffic without artificial speed reduction, you will need to pay $79.95 for a 1 year serial number/licene key. But there is a promotion going on, which enables you to get the Serial Number / License Key of Steganos Online Shield 365 (Valid for 5 GB Traffic Volume for 6 months), for free of charge.

To grab your free copy:
1. Go to this giveaway page (use google chrome for translation). enter your email address and click “OK” button.
2. Within few minutes, you will receive an email with your free serial number for Steganos Online Shield 365 (Seriennummer = Serial Number). Copy the license you will need it to unlock Steganos Online Shield 365 full version.

3.Be advised that if you use Gmail, turn off the automatic language translation feature first to copy and paste the serial number. Or else the serial number itself will also be translated, thus giving an incorrect input and not allowing the registration.
3. Download Steganos Online Shield 365 from this link
4.To register and activate your product, please install Steganos Online Shield 365. Then click on “Menu” and select “Enter serial number” in Steganos Online Shield 365. Enter the serial number you received in step 2 and click on “Redeem” button. Then Steganos Online Shield 365 should be registered

Tip of the day

How to choose secure passwords

  • Make your passwords memorable, so that you don’t have to write them down or store them in a file on your computer (remember, this file could be stolen by cybercriminals).
  • Don’t use real words that a hacker or cybercriminal can find in a dictionary.
  • Use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters such as punctuation marks (although the latter are not always allowed).
  • Don’t recycle passwords, e.g. don’t use ‘password1’, ‘password2’, ‘password3’, etc. for different accounts.
  • If possible, use a passphrase, rather than a single word.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. If a cybercriminal finds the password to one account, they can use to access other accounts.

AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4116 Final released..

AVG Antivirus Free 2014 14.0 Build 4116 Final released..

What’s new in version 2014:

Added privacy: AVG 2014 version not only helps keep your personal information safe when you’re online and on your PC, but we have further improved privacy protection with the new integrated File Shredder.
New File Shredder: Normal deletion isn’t always secure enough. In some cases, your data may still be recoverable. File Shredder deletes data securely to help ensure your most sensitive information remains private. Files are deleted permanently and can’t be accessed or recovered by someone else.
Easy access to AVG mobile apps: User-friendly interface offers easy access to our free mobile apps. They range from mobile protection (AVG AntiVirus Free for Android) to privacy protection (AVG Safe Browser for iPhone & iPad) to mobile performance apps (AVG Cleaner for Android).
Better Detection: AVG detection rates are always being improved to ensure we are keeping up with Internet criminals.
File Reputation: The new AVG client will check with our cloud service and report the prevalence of certain files on users’ computers. We’ll then use this information to improve our product’s detection capabilities (heuristics, behavioural detection). No personal information is ever collected, and customers must opt into our product improvement program in order for us to access their data.
you can download it from

Glarysoft giveaway – Firecoresoft Video Converter

Firecoresoft Video Converter is a foolproof yet powerful video converting program for Windows users to convert videos to virtually any video/audio format at lightning speed while keeping 100% of the original video quality.

Easily convert video/audio to various popular formats Fully support HD videos (up to 4K resolution) including MXF/XAVC/AVCHD/MOD/TOD, etc. Create 3D movies from 2D sources in 3 different 3D effects Enjoy videos on iPhone 5, iPad 4, Note 2, Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 10, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Xperia Z, etc.

Import videos to non-linear editing system like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.

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Tip of The day

You get a response to your ad or online auction posting, offering to pay with a cashier’s, personal, or corporate check. At the last minute, the so-called buyer (or the buyer’s “agent”) comes up with a reason for writing the check for more than the purchase price, and asks you to wire back the difference after you deposit the check.

If you deposit the check, you lose. Typically, the checks are counterfeit, but they’re good enough to fool unsuspecting bank tellers and increase the balance in your bank account – for a few days. But when the check eventually bounces, you are liable for the entire amount.

Never accept a check for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story. If the buyer sends the incorrect amount, return the check, and don’t send the merchandise…

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Tunnel Bear vpn

Tunnelbear is a two-switch VPN service that allows you to access content across the world. In the current version you can only switch between the US and the UK, but that’s still pretty handy if you need a way to get to your favorite content from across the pond.P

Using TunnelBear is really easy. Just download and install it, sign up for an account, and choose the location of the content you want to access.
TunnelBear is an extremely helpful app for accessing all your favorite location-restricted sites.but be careful dont violate its TERMS OF SERVICE(if you do,then you may be responsible for anything).It offers 500MB per month for free, but you can pay $5 per month for unlimited data. It’s available for both Windows and Mac, so go give it a try.
you can download this from

Ashampoo Photo Card full version Giveaway

Ashampoo Photo Card full version Giveaway

You create from your favorite images greeting cards for friends and relatives with “Ashampoo Photo Card.” You can either select a photo from your hard drive or use your webcam to take a snapshot. About 60 sorted by topic templates provide many opportunities to be creative. Image details such as transparency, image size, position, brightness, contrast and saturation to adjust individually to use the editing tools. Have you written a personal message, you can share the card directly on the program, for example, Picasa and Facebook, send them by email or place it on the computer. “Ashampoo Photo Card” is available as free full version exclusively for limited time…you can download this from
Note:use google chrome and translate this to english for your convinience